“I had no idea where to begin when refreshing our home’s paint. I had heard of Barrett & Nichols through one of my neighbors so I gave them a call. I was so relieved when the project manager was able to help me choose colors and paint types. The house has never looked better!”

“My husband and I moved into our new house knowing we had a lot of work to do. Some of the more challenging Venetian plaster and drywall work was just out of our abilities. I had met Phil at an event and was highly impressed with his drywall knowledge so I sent him an email outlining our challenges. His team was incredibly responsive and came right over to our house with ideas in hand. There truly is no replacement to hiring a professional when you are out of your league. Barrett and Nichols provided excellent service at a great price. The guys were courteous and paid attention to every detail. I am so glad we didn’t attempt to complete this work ourselves.”

“When my company made the strategic decision to allocate budget toward interior and exterior renovations, I was concerned about finding a contractor that could stay within the bid. I didn’t want the cheapest firm, but I also didn’t want to waste any money either. After three rounds of contractor interviews, I decided to hire B & N because I felt like they offered a wide range of services which meant I didn’t have to hire several different contractors. The project manager worked with me through all of the technical details of our remodel and I was thrilled when all of the finishing touches came together on schedule. The customer reactions leave me with no regrets and I am very satisfied with the gym’s new look!”

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