Drywall is the beginning of the end for any residential or commercial project. When the underlying framing, HVAC, and plumbing is complete, drywall becomes the gateway to finishing and eventual project completion. One of the toughest trades to master, Barrett & Nichols LLC prides itself on extensive industry experience and hires qualified professional tradesmen. It takes a well-trained eye and steady hands to create perfect surfaces suitable for finishing. The Barrett & Nichols LLC difference is that we look at the long-term effects of shortcuts and avoid any small mistake that could impact the future quality of our work. Our jobs are completed to last for decades.

To prepare for the best drywall installation result, Barrett & Nichols LLC implements the following procedure:

  • A thorough analysis of lighting. The way lighting hits a wall can be unforgiving so our team pays attention to those details when mudding.

  • Measure for proper alignment. Badly aligned framing can wreak havoc on any drywall installation.

  • Check for flatness before taping. Once cabinets are installed, uneven walls and ceilings become painfully obvious.

  • Is the base flush? Using a laser level, our team ensures base ends and corners are even.

  • Confirm all doors and windows are installed properly. Expansion and contraction of doors and windows can cause sheetrock to shift.

Project success is grounded in our team's attention to detail. Commercial and residential drywall customers rave about results which can be attributed to a proper foundation. During drywall installation, our team of trained professionals uses the best tools and latest techniques to ensure even the most difficult drywall project is completed to 100% customer satisfaction.


Many people consider tackling drywall projects themselves but quickly discover how valuable it is to hire a professional. Qualified drywall contractors such as Barrett & Nichols LLC possess the technical skills, industry background, and required knowledge to achieve high-quality outcomes. We are always available to answer any prospective client questions and would love to assess your unique residential or commercial drywall project. Our project management staff is open and forthcoming and would love to show you our extensive portfolio of completed jobs as well as connect you with previous customers we have delighted. The Barrett & Nichols LLC drywall service complies with all state and local licensing, is bonded, and is fully insured. It would be our pleasure to discuss how we would meet your needs, what type of timeline you could expect, and execute a complete pricing estimate.

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